[langsec-discuss] The State of LangSec: papers, upcoming meetings

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Thu May 10 22:05:42 UTC 2012

"s Darwin's voyage aboard the HMS Beagle ended up with a collection of weird animals that led him to the origins of the species, so we aim to collect and exchange enough specimens of weird machines to chart their common origins."

Darwin on is beagle trip  BTW ate an animal (Rhea) he wanted to study :=)

In Patagonia, South America, Darwin ate a puma (it tasted like veal) and an ostrich-like bird called a Rhea. Actually, Darwin had been looking for this particular species of Rhea, only to find that he had been eating one all along. He sent back the uneaten parts to the Zoological Society in London, which named the bird Rhea darwinii after him!

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