[langsec-discuss] delimited base64 file specification

Michael Ossmann mike at ossmann.com
Wed Mar 20 15:38:25 UTC 2013

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 04:12:42PM +0100, Felix 'FX' Lindner wrote:
> It's hard enough to get one thing right. And by the way, wouldn't the
> compressed data form another language?

Clearly.  My point is not that I want to recommend archival/compression.
(I certainly do not want to include any such function or recommendation
in the delimited base64 file format specification!)  However, files will
be stored/packaged/encapsulated in various ways with various benefits
and risks.  People who are concerned about the base64 expansion or who
want features like integrity checking have several archive format
choices available to them.  While these things may be problematic in
practice, I don't have a problem with them in theory, and I consider
them to be out of the scope of the file format specification.

> The cost of bandwidth and storage decreases constantly, so why bother
> with the past when designing for the future?

You make an excellent point, but I'm afraid there will always be people
with a need to push the limits.

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