[langsec-discuss] Parallel Systems/Automata

Fabian Fäßler fabi at fabif.de
Tue Jun 25 15:25:21 UTC 2013

Thank you very much for your thoughts. I took the comments and thought about it again.
So what he basically meant was about the distributed systems. Synchronization, deadlocks, race conditions, ...

So what I am thinking is. In langsec we try to treat input languages, such as protocols as formal languages. But with a protocol in a network, you introduce even more problems. For example a deadlock - two correct deterministic automata on their own, are waiting for a message from eachother. So when you try to proof if a protocol is correct, you also have to proof that the state machines of the participants of the protocol can't run in the known problems of distributed systems. Am I wrong?

Can anybody point me two well known papers about the problems with distributed systems?

kind regards,

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