[langsec-discuss] HTML syntax trees for Ruby (Joe Mitola)

Dr. Joseph Mitola III joe.mitola at comcast.net
Wed Aug 28 12:35:16 UTC 2013

Hi, All
   I'm the cognitive radio guy (Google Mitola cognitive radio) and I 
know only enough language stuff to be dangerous.
But now that I'm retired and consulting for several companies as well as 
a couple of startup companies, I joined langsec to look for more or less 
what Arne is proposing.
If somehow the langsec community can overcome the pitfalls including 
those that Will Sargent pointed out, then you'd be making an important 
contribution to communications technology.
Next generation cell phones are so incredibly insecure that what I might 
call Arne's "just in time HTML serialization" would be an important 
contribution to the smart phone community.
As langsec makes progress, I will be glad to connect you all to that 
community should you all be interested
   Best regards

Dr. Joseph Mitola III, Mitola's STATISfaction
Consultant, Hume Center of Virginia Tech
Chief Scieitist, Allied Communications
President and CEO, Hackproof Technologies Inc
1049 S. Atlantic Ave., Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
703-314-5709  jmitola at ieee.org

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