[langsec-discuss] LangSec Workshop at IEEE SPW 2014, Sun May 18, 2014

dan at geer.org dan at geer.org
Sat Nov 23 04:06:16 UTC 2013

 > It would be create to encourage programmer participation. We need ideas
 > and perhaps a set of challenges?

Such a set of challenges is vital.  Worked examples to motivate
those who would take up the challenge(s) after groking what this
is about would be helpful.  It is conceivable that red/black team
organization might be worth it in the long run, but certainly can't
be done in a workshop day.

I have not talked to Avi Rubin (Johns Hopkins) in some time, but he
used to assign his classes exercises where they divided into small
teams and built something to spec.  Then the bell sounded and all
the team projects went into a hat.  Teams then drew a different team's
project that they were then to attack.  As pedagogy, it worked.


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