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>  > It would be create to encourage programmer participation. We need ideas
>  > and perhaps a set of challenges?
> Such a set of challenges is vital.  Worked examples to motivate
> those who would take up the challenge(s) after groking what this
> is about would be helpful.  It is conceivable that red/black team
> organization might be worth it in the long run, but certainly can't
> be done in a workshop day.
> I have not talked to Avi Rubin (Johns Hopkins) in some time, but he
> used to assign his classes exercises where they divided into small
> teams and built something to spec.  Then the bell sounded and all
> the team projects went into a hat.  Teams then drew a different team's
> project that they were then to attack.  As pedagogy, it worked.
Such exercises can be made public too for greater good , some other proff
might pick them up and give similar to their children .
Or if feasible , a  MOOC can be run coursera with this model .

Also These case studies on how students did it  would be ideal thing to do
in the workshop ...... :)
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