[langsec-discuss] The String Type is Broken

Sergey Bratus sergey at cs.dartmouth.edu
Fri Nov 29 00:36:28 UTC 2013

Hello Allan,

> And that is the actual problem. The string type is not broken. It just
> is not a text type.

    I very much like this formulation! To me, the crucial difference is 
that strings need *parsing* -- however simple, e.g., special handling 
for escape characters and separators -- to become interpretable text.
And this parsing is what's broken.

    A classification of such kinds of "string to text" pasring might
help properly frame and resolve this issue.

> And most often, there is no text type in the standard library despite of 
> practical needs in a world full of text!

    I suppose that the reason may be that the required parsing is 
considered elementary, and elementary almost always means "dealt 
with in an ad-hoc way".



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