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Evan Sultanik evan.sultanik at digitaloperatives.com
Tue Jan 21 18:15:27 UTC 2014

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I too am a long-time lurker, first-time poster :-)

I attended Michael and Dominic's great talk at Shmoocon a couple days
ago, in which they reported some empirical success culminating from
the project described in the original post.  They used a search-based
approach to enumerate linear block codes with the isolation property.
Inspired, I wondered if the computation would be more efficient if
cast as a constraint reasoning problem.  Therefore, after their talk I
coded up a quick proof-of-concept that can enumerate isolated
complementary linear block codes using satisfiability modulo theories.
Here's a quick write-up on it, including a link to a forked version of
Michael and Dominic's code repository containing my implementation:


I think it's a very interesting research area, and I hope that these
contributions will be useful for the project.

    - Evan

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