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systmkor systmkor at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 00:42:13 UTC 2014

Hey all,

+ [ Objective ]
	To design, build, test, and formalize a home automation protocol.

+ [ Why? ]
	I have joined a Home Automation startup, completely comprised of students, and shooting to be 100% open source. I am trying my best to design and eventually implement the most robust, while still being feature rich, architecture I can. Since the finalized protocol we develop may not change for several plus years it would greatly benefit us and future users to have a formally proven protocol. I am also doing this for the intellectual challenge.

+ [ Newb I Is]
	I am a undergrad computer science student and haven’t taken classes in computational theory or programming languages yet. I have taken two classes in computer networks and I am planning on taking a Graduate networks class. I am always interested in learning.

+ [ Grad Networks ]
	Next quarter I will be taking a Graduate networks class and plan to use this time to start developing this protocol. It seems like a fun challenge and see where it leads me.

+ [ Current Thoughts ]
	I currently think using XMPP as a means of command & control and using a JSON-RPC subset would work best for our goals.

+ [ What Next? ]
	I am quite uncertain were to go next especially on eventually formalizing a protocol. Any thoughts, questions, or comments would greatly help me.

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