[langsec-discuss] Presence at 31C3

Petter Ericson pettter at acc.umu.se
Wed Dec 10 12:57:11 UTC 2014


First, allow me to make a short introduction: I'm a PhDc in theoretical
computer science at Umeå University, working on automata theory/formal
languages with an eye towards applications in NLP, but personally I have quite
a bit of interest in cryptology/infosec/formal program verification also, which
has lead me to sign up to this list, and I hope to be able to make some small
contribution to the discussion at some point.

Now to my actual question: Will there be any sort of langsec presence at 31c3?
I'll be there and probably hang around noisysquare and/or the cryptoparty
delegation. Are there any talks/workshops this year? Any people present who
might want to discuss what's going on and what's to come?

Best regards

Petter Ericson (pettter@{acc,cs}.umu.se)
PhD Student at the Departement of Computing Science, 
University of Umeå

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