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Hi people

I uploaded the FAQ to answer some of Sven’s question at http://docdro.id/15awy <http://docdro.id/15awy>

. Will participants know who I am?

A: You have two options for submitting ideas: 1) anonymously or 2) open for full transparency. All participants are encouraged to adjust their profile settings to create a unique user ID. The default user ID is your email address (minus the domain name). Participants will not be publicly identified without their consent and are encouraged to adjust profile settings to post anonymously. 

IIRC they are soliciting input from everyone, US/non-US (they used to state that explicitly, wonder where that went)

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Hi people

I hope this note finds you well. The US DHS is asking the comp sec community for input also on cyber security projects/idea to prioritize R&D funding (everyone, also anonymous) http://scitech.ideascale.com/ <http://scitech.ideascale.com/>

If you go to “A Trusted Cyber Future”, you’ll see Michael Locasto's "(Re)Engineering Critical Information Infrastructure Software Using Language-Theoretic Security (LangSec) Principles” suggestion.

It would be useful to langsec progress if people registered (anon possible, non-US also) upvote the proposal and maybe leave a comment. As you will see, few people take the time to do this, so a couple of upvotes may make all the difference


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