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Uh, Peter Neumann is a professional patent troll. If he likes your idea, SRI will patent it and sue you 5 years later over it. I mention this from personal experience -- if IBM hadn't bought out my patents, I'd still be in litigation with SRI.

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 Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 1:20 PM
 got some unexpected lift for the LANGSEC idea pushing from
 Peter Neumann (he’s a heavy weight on computer risk, at
 SRI/Cambridge U). Just passing it along
 by Peter G. Neumann07/21/2015This
 seems to be a very valuable approach. Choosing programming
 languages that can eliminate many of the most common
 programming errors is highly desirable; starkly constraining
 the use of existing programmers, precompilers, and other
 such approaches are also feasible. However, several other
 problems remain that need to be considered. If you cannot
 trust the hardware or if compilers have been trojaned,
 serious vulnerabilities can remain. As another (albeit
 somewhat clean-slate) approach, we (SRI and the University
 of Cambridge) have spent the past five years designing
 hardware that inherently eliminates many of the programming
 problems, and have modified LLVM-based compilers to
 understand the hardware instruction set. See
 On Jun 29, 2015, at 8:11 PM, daniel
 <daniel.bilar at gmail.com>
 Hi people
 hope this note finds you well. The US DHS is asking the comp
 sec community for input also on cyber security projects/idea
 to prioritize R&D funding (everyone, also anonymous) http://scitech.ideascale.com/
 you go to “A Trusted Cyber Future”, you’ll see Michael
 Locasto's "(Re)Engineering Critical Information
 Infrastructure Software Using Language-Theoretic
 Security (LangSec) Principles” suggestion.
 would be useful to langsec progress if people registered
 (anon possible, non-US also) upvote the proposal and maybe
 leave a comment. As you will see, few people take the time
 to do this, so a couple of upvotes may make all the
 Bilar www.tinyurl.com/daniel-bilar at daniel_bilar307 509 0452
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