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Sat Jan 16 23:25:02 UTC 2016

On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 10:16:32AM +0100, Geoffroy Couprie wrote:
> RFCs 6530 and 6531 indicate that the local part can contain almost any
> character, multibyte chars included. For the domain part, it must be
> normalized before sending, but that's where it gets interesting: users
> won't enter the email normalized, but in UTF8 form, apps will tend to
> store (and validate) the complete email in UTF8 form, and let the mail
> or DNS library handle the normalization before sending emails. So if
> someone abuses UTF8 control characters, the delimitation of local or
> domain part could be different, depending on which code validates the
> email.


Ye old RFC 2822 also showed that it can contain these bizarre
things called comments, and so on.

My pet peeve is systems which don't respect the + sign in local-part,
or worse, simply accept it but do not send email later.  SIGH.
I really should have set up my mailbox identifier as period.
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